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Key Of C Two Octave Range Pocket Travel Saxphone

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🎁Fantastic Gift For 2024❤️We guarantee that you will definitely learn to play it after purchasing our product😍

🎼This Instrument Will Play A Full Chromatic Scale - Pitched In The Key Of C And Possessing A Two Octave Range🎷

TIPS: If you find it difficult to blow, or can't blow well, you can soak the reed in water before use, dry it a little, align it with the mouthpiece and install it back.

Mini saxophone is a small wind instrument, because it is small, so it is more convenient to carry. Because the standard Alto Saxophone head is used, and the timbre is like saxophone, so it is called mini saxophone. In recent years, this kind of mini saxophone is more and more popular with music lovers! Before learning or buying saxophone, it is suggested to buy mini saxophone to learn, so as to better master the playing skills, so as to learn Saxophone later and get involved more easily.


  • With real mouthpiece and reeds , easy to play and its tone is close to a real sax
  • Mini size and lightweight, it is easy and handy to have around to grab and play
  • Made of solid ABS, with beautiful embossed patterns on the frosted surface
  • Whether it is self-study, performance, or teaching, it is a suitable instrument
  • Since easy to learn, wonderful gift idea for any festival or occasion

Use a standard Alto Saxophone head

Due to the use of standard Alto Saxophone flute, the voice of mini saxophone is almost the same as that of saxophone. It's a good choice to experience the voice of saxophone for a small amount of money

More suitable size

The size of this mini saxophone is not big or small. It's more suitable to hold. Ergonomic design makes fingering practice more comfortable



  • Size:  33*3.2cm
  • Color: Black, White, Purple, Gray, Green
  • Material: ABS


  • 1 * Mini Pocket Sax
  • 1 * Flannel storage bag
  • 1 * Reed Cover
  • 1 * Fingering Charts

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Key Of C Two Octave Range Pocket Travel Saxphone

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